English Poem - WHY


I longed for life-
and lost the sense of belonging;
You came!

I longed for death-
and shed the fear of dying;
You forgot !

I longed for someone-
and made everybody of vying;
To hurt !

I longed for normalcy-
and ruined my peace, leaving
Me void !

I longed for struggle-
and it came before my coming;
To punch !

I longed for family-
and they kept coming-departing;
Playing see-saw !

I longed for spring-
and it left me wanting;
Not anymore!

I long for detachment-
and life leaves me wondering;
Attaching me !!

[written during early 2000. though moving every day, life was standstill as if somewhere down under an anchor had stuck in the seabed. this poem made its way to an online poetry contest then and I knew somewhere someone recognized and resounded with same thoughts. reproducing it here as its relevance has bounced back]

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