Emotions can be tamed
Emotions can be silenced
Emotions can be mastered

Mastered emotions can backfire
Silenced emotions can choke
Tamed emotions can propel

Backfiring can be controlled
Choking can be avoided
Propelling could lead to WIN.

Control is what we need
Avoidance is good at times
Winning is all that matters.

Win alone cannot win
It has to be Win-Win
Winning alone doesn’t help.

So, to say, of tamed emotions
Hard to practice its lessons
Emotions that deliver as per need


All excesses impact badly
Excess emotions hit hardly
Tamed emotions do the best.


Feelings can be suppressed
Feelings can be expressed
Feelings can be monitored


Suppressed feelings may crush
Expressed feelings may crash
Monitored feelings will alter


Crushing a feeling crushes personality
Crashed feeling limits sanity
Altered feelings open new doors!
Personality only distinguishes us
Sanity should be our basic urge
Doors never close, they just lead.
Monitored feelings should be expressed
As expression and feelings God blessed
Untamed feelings cause needless agony.


Fight between heart and head will remain
Choices of emotions and feelings same
Time and Tide remain the same all over.

Choice is relative as success and failure
Right or wrong, nothing is sure
Life and Love go hand in hand


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