Japan in Bollywood (or Indian movies)

India has been fascinated by Japan and this is also evident in Bollywood movies.
Though the current generation of Bollywood junkies will differ on this as they have grown on the staple diet of Swiss locales,
Spanish boulevards, American escapades,malaysian retreats and also australian - new zealand landscapes.

Shahrukh Khan, Karan Johar, Yash Chopra have become mascots of European Alps and US/Canada heartthrobs, so have been Hrithik Roshan for New Zealand and Spain (ZNMD).

Long ago, Rajkapoor was tramp of Russia and in medieval ages Amitabh Bachchan was sought after in Gulf, Egypt, upper Europe, north america and elsewhere.
Then there is "Revered Rajnikanth" - a living legend in south east asia including Japan. I have witnessed his photos on the hottest snack brand "Tohato Habanero" packs. Read about it here as well:
" Tohato, a Japanese packaged food company, has found it apt to put a still from the Rajinikanth-starrer Muthu on the wrapper of its recently launched garam masala chips.
The company, it is learnt, did a survey on the probable 'hot' picture to adorn its masala snacks wrapper and decided on the south Indian star. Hot snacks flavoured by habanero (the Mexican chili considered the hottest variety) and Indian masala have become a rage in Japan.
http://onlysuperstars.blogspot.com/2008/12/brand-rajinikanth-is-hot-in-japan.html "

Off late, there have been references to Japan in Bollywood movies:

. Shahrukh - anushka "rab ne bana di jodi" last scene
. Hrithik Roshan in ZNMD
. 2010 Movie "The Japanese Wife" (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Japanese_Wife)
. The earliest Bollywood movie made completely on Japan "Love in Tokyo". It was a super-hit movie of 1964. Played by Joy Mukherjee and Asha Parekh.
- The movie "Aman (1967)" played by Rajendra 'Jubilee' Kumar and Saira Banu

I bring to my readers especially Japanese friends, the links to some famous Bollywood songs:

1. [Romaji] Mera Joota Hai Japani
[English Translation: my shoes are Japanese, my trousers British, I have red Russian hat on my head, but my heart is Indian]

2. Songs of "Love in Tokyo (1966)"
[Romaji] Sayonara Sayonara Kal Fir aaoungi Sayonara,
Ithlaati aur Bal Khaati vaada nibhaoungi Sayonara
[English translation: Sayonara Sayonara, I will come again tomorrow; 'girlishly' I will keep my promise, Sayonara]

[Romaji] Japaaan Love in Tokyo~~
[Romaji] Le Gayi Dil, Gudiya Japan Ki, Pagal Mujhe Kar Diya
[English: A Doll from Japan, took my heart & I have gone mad in love]

[Romaji] Ye to shahar mastaana jiska andaaz maashooqaana
[English: This city (Tokyo) is romantic and rollicking]

[Romaji] Deta hai pyaar ka paimaana; karta hai sabko deewana
[English: (Tokyo) raises toast for you and makes everyone besotted]

Le gayi dil...
[Romaji] Dekho vo gori-gori raahen; hamko ishaare se bulaayen
[English: see those fair streets, call me by gestures]

[Romaji] Kitni rangeen hain fizaayen; japani pariyaan muskaraayen
[English: how colorful are ambiencese, Japanese angels keep smiling]

Le gayi dil...
[Romaji] Naache har mod par jawaani; kehti hai pyaar ki kahaani
[English: Youthfulness all over the streets, tell the tale of love]

[Romaji] Aayi vo kaibare ki raani; jiski ada mein zindagaani
[English: See that cabaret queen, whose expression is the LIFE.]

Le gayi dil...

3. [Romaji] Ye ladki jara see diwani lagti hai mujhe to ye gudiya Japani lagti hai
[English translation: This ladki seems little crazy, appears to be a Japanese Doll]

4. Lo aaya Japanwala from "Tel Maalish Boot Polish (1961)"

5. [Romaji] Ham The Wo Thi aur sama rangeen samajh gaye na,
Jana Tha JAPAN pahuch gaye Chin samajh gaye na,
[English: Myself, Herself and the colorful ambience, had to go to Japan, I reach China though]


If you know some more movies with songs with Japan reference, do share the links.

I have mostly touched Bollywood as Hindi is my forte. If you have some Japan references from Kollywood, Tollywood, and Sandalwood, do share that as well, along with the song link.

I am though unsure if Japanese movies have used Indian languages or themes in their movies. I will find out and write another post.

[Note: Do click the links with "Open in new window" option]

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