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When you fail…fail well enough to succeed the next time. Don’t be afraid…facing your fears and failures.

My hope is “that you never cease to dream exciting and inspiring dreams”.

My hope for all of you is that you retain a lifelong love of learning.

Overcoming some of my failures has made me discover that I have a strong will…and more discipline than I suspected.

Failure also gets you to find…who your real friends are.

Repeated failure has taught me to stop pretending I am someone else.

Failure also gives me an incentive to greater exertion…harder work…which invariably leads to later success in most cases.

It’s not the absence of failure that makes you a success…it is your response to failure.

If you aren’t scared enough of failing, you are unlikely to succeed.

I believe the true path to success is through the fear of failure.

I don’t want as much to succeed as much as I don’t want to fail.

Talking [success] is a waste of time…whatever happened to me happened because I have always been terrified of failure.

Success is a wonderful thing, but it tends not to be the sort of experience that we learn from.

Whether we like it or not, my life has also been in constant play with what the world calls ‘success’.

Happiness…lies in the things you will never be able to count.

Your age is the age when we most confuse happiness with gratification.

Do not be afraid to be hungry. Do not be afraid to walk alone if necessary.

Do not be afraid to destroy systems that kill art and your souls.

Do not be afraid to defy conventions.

Do not try to feed your stomach with creativity, it is food for your soul, not for your stomach.

Your fulfillment will always lie in your creative expression not in its products.

Creativity is your gift to the world. It was never meant to be barter for anything, not even appreciation.

Becoming cynical about your life is single most destructive thing you can do to it.

Learn to laugh at yourselves too. Never become cynical about yourself and your life.

Life as a creative person is like being on a tight rope.

The world will be unkind to you…not be able to see you. You must learn at such times, to be able to see yourself.

There is only one thing you can do to survive – hang on to who you are inside.

So [art] comes from your gut…and it is put out there for others to accept it or throw it in the gutter.

At the same time & quite paradoxically, a man becomes distinct from his creation…the moment it’s…in the public domain.

A good artist cannot be separate from his creation. Good art is honest art.

However I look at it, in its eventual analysis, my life has centered around my creativity.

I have understood that the measure of m life lies in the expanse of my heart’s experience.

I don’t have a place to arrive, I just keep doing what I know how to do the best that I can do it.

I will tell you the story of me but I’ll tell it in my own way. In the language of my perceptions…beyond fame & success.

As for my destination, I don’t think I ever knew one. I walk, I run, in the direction of my dreams.

I am here to share ‘experience of my life’s journey’ about survival, happiness, creativity, success.

[Shahrukh Khan is conferred with Chubb fellow of Yale University, USA.]

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