Event report - JAPAN HABBA 2012

60 Years, 2 Nations, 1 Goal

19-Feb-2012, Bangalore University, India.

One day for Japan. Each day for Japan.
The day is Japan Habba 2012, the event held by Bangalore University, is in it seventh year of milestone. University's Jnanajyothi auditorium reverberates Japan beats whole day. This is my second year visit and my family's first year visit. This is closest that we can come to Japan by being in Bangalore. This is the closest we can be to Japan while being away from it.

This year's slogan is 60 years, 2 Nations, 1 Goal and the theme is KIZUNA, meaning 'Friendship ties'. It marks the 60th anniversary of Japan - India Diplomatic relations.

The day started with usual welcome address and introduction to dignitaries. Then addresses by dignitaries. I wish the format was updated to at least  some latest entertainment standards. No mention of 'kolaveri...' in Japanese - thank God!

The auditorium was full by the time of cultural items. Morning had gone by with karaoke concepts where Japanese sang in Hindi, Kannada, Tamil and Indians sang in Japanese with ease.

Song: Mubarak ho tumko samaa ye suhana, by Kazumasa Kuboki san
Outside the auditorium, the food court adorned with Onigiri, Karaage Chicken, Yakisoba, Yakitori and Gyoza were truly competing with samosa, Chole- Bhature, and Idli- Wadas.

Outside was also brimming with Origami, Calligraphy, Kanji Mehndi, Manga reading, Kadou-flower arrangement, and off course Yukata wearing dashed with Tea ceremony. I was in little Japan in Bangalore today.

Outside did showcase higher education from Tokyo University and Ritsumeikan University and it was pleasure to see their booth. This is first time I saw Japanese universities showcasing in India which is sarcastically obsessed with western universities.

Inside Bollywood ruled our Japanese guest girls with 'chammak challo' and others. Bollywood is is one of the best glue.

Song: Chammak Challo by Japanese girls

Bonodori dance by students of Toyota Kirloskar Motors was a great choreography of a revered Culture. Last but not the least was the darling "Doraemon" song by Japanese kids who lamented that they have to see their favourite childhood hero in Hindi, by being in India. Algorithm march was another feather by these kids which left our children jaw dropped.

All in all, it was an event to be relived for many days to come. It must have been great pleasure 500+ Japanese community staying in Bangalore. This is third biggest Japanese community in India, after Delhi, Mumbai / Chennai.

Japan Habba 2012 is supported by Japan government, Japan chamber of commerce, BNK, Koyo and Japan Foundation.

Times Of India, Bangalore edition (20-Feb-2012), did also cover this event "With love from Japan"

Enjoy and Revel in the glory of Nihon a.k.a Japan!

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